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King and Queen Couple Sweatshirt

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To express your love and to make your spouse feel special is as much necessary as to love him. Love is an essential element of every relationship.

There are a lot of different ways to express your love. Presenting a gift is one of the best ways to tell your spouse how much you love and care.


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When we talk about a gift, nothing can replace the Couple Matching Outfits. These outfits are customized according to the event. Different graphics and logos of your choice can be printed on these outfits. But if you ask for our recommendations, we recommend purchasing a Matching Couple King and Queen Sweatshirts.
These Sweatshirts will not only give you a style but also strengthen your love and relationship. The words printed on these Sweatshirts have very special connotations. The words King and Queen are associated with the people who are very special and are owners of state or kingdom. You and your spouse are also the owners of your tiny and cute domain; that’s why these King and Queen Sweatshirts are a perfect gift for your couple.

*Details of King and Queen Sweatshirt.

Two sweatshirts (one with the word King and one with the word Queen) are included in one pack.
100% high-quality original cotton fabric will be assured to you.
White, Black, Grey, Navy, Red high visibility colors are available in Sweatshirts.
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2,3 Extra Large sizes are available to make you feel comfortable while choosing the right size for you.
You will get a 14% off on one pack of Sweatshirts.
Because of the computer colors, the original colors may vary.

*Fabric Care.
To extend the lifespan of your King and Queen Sweatshirt, you have to follow the following instructions.
Always wash your sweatshirts inside out with cold water and leave them to dry in natural air.

King Size:
Queen Size:

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