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Mr Mrs Couple T-shirt

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The husband and wife relationship is the most powerful relationship in the world. It is perhaps the most celebrated relationship in this universe. Being in a relationship of marriage is such a wonderful feeling which should be expressed.Our Mr. and Mrs. Couple T-shirts are for those couples who want to express their love, chemistry, and relationship to the world. These Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts are the best gift for both young and old couples. The relationship’s age does not matter; what matters the most is the love and bond of a relationship. These shirts can be a wonderful gift on the anniversaries of the couples.

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Customized Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts are for couples who are tired of wearing simple and everyday dresses and want to have a spark in their style and outfits. These shirts will give you a break from the typical simple and formal clothing.

*Fabric Details.
In a pack of Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts, you will get two T-shirts.
T-shirts are made of 100% high-quality cotton.
Available in five different high visibility colors (white, black, grey, navy, red)
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2,3 Extra Large sizes are available to make them a perfect fit.

*Design Details.
T-shirts in white, black, grey, navy and red will have black printed letters.
One T-shirt with the letters "Mr." and one T-shirt with the letters "Mrs."
Double-stitched round hem and half sleeves will make you feel more comfortable.

*Fabric Care.
Wash your T-shirts inside out with cold water as warm water damages the colors of the fabric.
Let the shirts air dry to keep the design and color in good condition.

*Important Points.
Because of the computer ink colors, the original colors of the shirts may slightly change.
Proper washing and drying care are necessary to keep the Mr. and Mrs. Couple T-shirts in good condition.

Mr Size:
Mrs Size:

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