November 15, 2018

Shipping & Delivery

Choice of Courier differs from time to time.The choice is dependent heavily on the safety of the package rather than speed factor.

We have the logistical network to make the best choice for our clients.
We send to almost any destinations in the world. We always make sure we check all our counterfeit money detector by and pack our items properly before we ship them out. All orders are shipped either

EMS Express Courier Service
DHL, UPS, FEDEX or AirMail
UK Transhipment offered now for EU countries (100% safe shipment)

We need to remind all customers that we need the following to ensure 100% delivery to you:

Full Name
Full Address with postal code
Telephone number (This is important to ensure Guaranteed Delivery)

**Please make sure that there is someone to receive the package if you are not around. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if you do not receive your package due to the fact you were not around to pick it up. If you reject the shipment, we will also not take responsibility for the shipment.
**Please note that if package is delivered and contents in the package is stolen, we will not be responsible for such cases. However we will still discuss with customer about the problem. For custom seizures, we will speak to individual customers to review re-shipment. Thanks!



All orders are normally shipped from our warehouse within 48 to 72 hours of receipt of order. If there is a delay in your order, we will notify you by email. Delivery time will vary according to geographical location. We are not responsible for shipper delay as we have no control when item is shipped out.



EMS Express with Online Tracking Status

7-12 working days depending on destination and customs clearance
Online Tracking can track your package for you at different stages
We have NO CONTROL over the delivery after it is shipped
Customs clearance and delays may be unavoidable but there is nothing to worry about
EMS Shipping is the FASTEST and most RELIABLE

UK Transhipment via EMS Online Tracking

It will normally take about 7-10 days from China to UK and another 7-10 days from UK to your country (based in EU). The UK Royal Mail shipment tracking will be forwarded to you once my UK shipper updates me with it.
Generally shipment movement is CHINA —> UK —> EU Country of yours
UK Royal Mail tracking site:
The SAFEST method to EU countries like Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary etc.
We have NO CONTROL over the delivery after it is shipped

TNT/UPS/FEDEX Online Tracking
5-12 working days depending on destination and customs clearance
Generally faster than EMS Courier
We have NO CONTROL over the delivery after it is shipped